The editor's experience in Drupal – challenges, defeats and some achievements

November - 2014
Drupal Camp Berlin 2014

Providing a large-scale Drupal-based website to a client is a lot about expectation management.
Large organizations or enterprises expect the content management system, well... to manage their content. In a professional and usable way.
Taking examples from relaunching the website of one of Germany's largest Natural Science Museums,, my session addresses customer expectations, Drupal's lack of features in Core and Contrib and our answers to these challenges.

It addresses the following topics:

  • A user-friendly node form – is it possible? Some thoughts on layout and some examples for user-friendly widgets.
  • The abyss of asset management – why we switched from Media to Scald (and why you should not)
  • WYSIWYG pitfalls
  • Problems with internal links
  • Image cropping – clients love it, but it is a mess
  • Providing a node with a menu item (yes, this is a real problem)
  • Restricting access – why workbench access is no solution
  • An editing workflow that “just works” - more issues with workbench (moderation, in this case)
  • More side-effects and problems: Clientside validation, Content locking, Clone content, Location and more!
  • Now you have the whole editing experience in place? Just add multilinguality to let it all fall apart again. (What to look out for and how we solved some issues.)

“Vortrag von Jutta Horstmann, Geschäftsführerin Data in Transit GmbH”



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